I am exhibiting this Image "DO NOT WORRY MY BUTTERFLIES" Chalk at the Towner Exhibition.

You can see more of My Work at the Lily Clifford Gallery, South Street, Eastbourne -



Twenty One Years ago Mary Beaney set up the first of many exhibitions from her house in Pevensey.  This came about having left Art College whereby Mary and her friends needed somewhere to showcase their work there being a lack of venues and opportunities.  Hence - Art on the River was born.  Over those twenty one years there have been approximately forty artists exhibiting with Mary at Art on the River.  Making this year  a very special year Mary will be opening her house for the very last time (It will be a very exciting time albeit a sad time).  The walls of nearly every room in the house will be dripping with quality artwork at affordable prices -  “Saving the Best till Last”, with the work of approximately 18 local, very talented artists, who have exhibited with Mary over the past 21 years..

Mary says she is really proud of being in the position of starting many award winning artists on the first rung of their success,having established themselves on the local, national and international circuit.  Among those exhibiting will be the Australian David Armitage a renowned colourist, who recently had a knockout retrospective exhibition at the Birley Centre Eastbourne;  Sue Barnes award winner 2015 at the Water Colour Society’s exhibition at Bankside; Kris and John Powley exhibitors at recent Royal Academy’s Summer Exhibitions;  Julie Snowball has just been accepted to exhibit at Chalk Gallery, Lewes;  Award winning mixed media artist Mary Beaney was co-founder with Michele Findlay of Chalk Gallery, Lewes, (who incidentally is celebrating 10 years with a mammoth exhibition at the Towner, Eastbourne), and is a member of the Pure Arts Group, Battle.

Ceramic Sculpture - Michele Findlay, Samuel Paradella, Julie Snowball 

Wildlife Photography - Adam Beaney, 

Paintings in Oils - Kate Penoyre, John Powley

Watercolour Paintings - on canvas and paper - Angie Perrin, Kate Sayers, 

Mixed Media - Rae and Viv Cecil, Anthony McIntosh, Ben Ecclestone, Gill Emslie RIP, Mary Beaney, David Armitage, Sue Barnes, Kris Powley.

OPEN - 11.00pm to 5.00pm - Admission Free

donations to Macular Disease Society for the partially sighted

ON - 4th, 5th, 11th, 12th, 18th, 19th,

25th and 26th July 2015

(look out for the balloons)

Contact -


I think opening my house for the past twenty one years has run its course. This is a time at the crossroads for me.  So the shutters come down for the very last time.  Mind you I said that last year and here I am again.  But this time I mean it.  I am celebrating the end of an era with this exhibition and pulling out all the stops.  It will be a sad time for me but on the other hand no more clearing out the spiders to make way for all the lovely paintings from approx. 18 local very talented artists that will be dripping from the walls.  I’m not giving up painting - oh No.!   I shall still be involved - albeit not in such a big way - ah hm!!! I am now a member  of the Pure Arts team who hold annual exhibition in Battle as part of the Battle Festival.  I’ve been painting and drawing since a small child always encouraged by my beautiful mother.  And in homage to her my most recent paintings have involved her beautiful face as angels in many guises.  My work has grown in size and the one I’m working on now for Chalk Gallery’s involvement at the Towner for its 10th anniversary is a biggie again depicting angels.  The surface of the canvas is randomly covered by polyfilla mixed with PVA glue, scrim, tissue paper, sand. salt, tea, coffee, collage, photographs, in fact anything that I think will create texture all dribbled over with household emulsion, creating many many layers  and finished off with acrylic paint.  To me, the surface of the support is as important as the subject matter itself.

In contrast - the work of Angie Perrin is created with the subtle use of watercolours on smoothed canvas.  Angie often walks for miles deep into the countryside to find her subject matter of trees in their various forms of dress and undress.

David Armitage is the most famous of all the artists exhibiting with me, (but I’ve been quoted as being the most famous person in Pevensey - ha! ha! ha!) so I feel very privileged that he agreed to be one of the many participants - i.e. “Saving The Best Till Last”.  He is renowned and acknowledged as one of the most original , exciting and inspirational colourists of his generation.

The public can expect to see an enormous variety of work from the 18 artists - varied in diversity, texture, size, colour, subject, design, and media - i.e. paintings, mixed media., watercolours on canvas and paper, collage, oil paintings, screenprints, wildlife photography - enough to whet your appetite - so it promises to be overwhelming and a feast for the eyes together with the WOW factor.  No-one to date has ever walked out of my exhibitions disappointed and disillusioned - in fact quite the opposite and the one sentiment that crops up time and time again is “inspirational and uplifting”

One more bit of exciting news - I reiterate again - is approx. 90 Chalkies past and present will be exhibiting at the Towner in Eastbourne at the beginning of October 2015.  Put it in your diary and we’ll see you there.

PURE Autumn Art Fair | PowderMills Hotel Battle TN33 0SP

24 Oct – 1 Nov 2015

The prestigious PURE Autumn Art Fair returns to the beautiful and historic PowderMills Hotel in Battle, East Sussex this October as part of the Battle Arts & Music Festival.

The PowderMills is a stunning privately owned 18th Century listed Country House nestling in 150 acres of beautiful parklands, woods and large lakes, situated just outside the historic town of Battle, adjoining the famous Battlefield of 1066. 

The Hotel and Orangery Restaurant are open to non-residents for morning coffee, lunch, afternoon teas, light snacks and dinner.

Now in its 6th year, PURE is a selected art fair showcasing the brightest upcoming and more established talent. Curated by Lesley Samms, it features the work of some sixty artists working across all fine art media including painting, drawing, printmaking, photography, sculpture, ceramics and  glass. Via its bursary programme, it also offers a first step on the ladder to a small number of highly talented London Art Academy students.

From its location at the very heart of 1066 Country, PURE provides the perfect opportunity for collectors to uncover new talent in a truly inspirational setting.

This years artist selection panel included Antony Penrose, Director of the Lee Miller Archive, Linda Salway, Head of  Creative Arts Development at Eastbourne college, Ryan Stanier, Fair Director The Other Art Fair and Jennifer West, Director of Gallery North and founding member of the Hailsham Festival.

Exhibiting Artists will include Julian Sutherland Beatson, best known for his popular paintings of the annual Glyndebourne Festival. Mary Beaney, co founder of the Chalk Gallery Lewes, which this year celebrates its 10th Anniversary with a showcase exhibition at the Towner Gallery (2nd – 14th October). Leila Godden and Louisa Crispin, current Chairman and Vice Chairman of the Chalk Gallery, Lewes. Dani Humberstone SWA (Society of Women artists), who has recently been elected to the society counsel and Will Taylor, Past President of the SGFA (Society of Graphic Fine Art – The Drawing Society) – Both of whom recently exhibited as part of the 2015 Royal Academy Summer Exhibition.

A full list of exhibiting artists can be seen on the PURE Arts Group website

VENUE: The PowderMills Hotel, Powdermill Lane, Battle TN33 0SP.

Open everyday 11am – 6pm

Battle Arts & Music Festival

1 – 31 October 2015

After the outstanding success of its 2014 inaugural year, the Battle Arts & Music Festival returns in 2015 with a much bigger programme for visitors of all ages to experience and enjoy.

The historic town where the legendary Battle of 1066 took place will be filled with concerts, exhibitions, talks, workshops and much more. Be sure not to miss it!

For full details and booking information, please see the website


at the Lily Clifford Gallery

The “Essence of Christmas” is ongoing until 16th January 2016.  It is a beautiful exhibition, lovingly curated by Lily Clifford.

Mary invites you to experience this amazing diverse exhibition showcasing 3 Russian artists alongside herself in the most innovative gallery in Eastbourne.

OPEN - Tuesdays to Saturdays 11.00am to 6.00pm, - Sundays 11.00am to 2.00pm - Closed Mondays.

Lily Clifford Gallery, South Street, Eastbourne.

Solo Exhibition

at Lily Clifford Gallery

14th Feb. to 6th March 2016

Following the 2015 Open Studios in collaboration with Eastbourne Festival of Artists’ Open Houses/studios - Mary decided that after twenty one years  of Open House at Art on the River(  she would throw in the towel and call it a day.  But as Mary says never say never !!! She was offered her first  solo show at the Lily Clifford Gallery - the most innovative elegant and vibrant art space in Eastbourne.

Mary has  for the past three months worked tirelessly on producing new work for this opportunity.  So - most of the works that will be on show will be shown for the first time in a public space.  The exhibition entitled “Emotions” -  is as it says on the tin; - works showing past memories, digging deep into her past and using members of her family as the starting point to depict emotion.  Mary’s work is full of texture created by mixed media from acrylic paint, polyfilla, glue, tissue paper, bleach, ink, salt, sand, tea, coffee, the kitchen sink,  to gold and silver leaf, which expresses the richness and passion she feels - “emotion”.

It has been said that “her works are strongly connected with her inner emotions and secretly kept memories - a personal bridge giving the viewer a way to see through her window.  She bravely mixes and uses new techniques and materials - the result is amazing emotional art.”

It has also been hinted that her work is deep, dark and mysterious.........!!!

The gallery space is well worth a visit to view art works from artists from France, USA, Italy, Belgium, Hungary, Canada, Mexico, Russia and more.  Cutting edge work that you would normally associate with London Galleries.

You will always be sure of a friendly welcome by the gallery owners, Mark and Lily -

See you there you won’t be disappointed.

AT:  - Lily Clifford Gallery, -,  

        112 South Street, Eastbourne BN21 4LZ

OPEN : - Tuesdays to Saturdays 10.00am to 6.00pm, Sundays 11.00am to 2.00pm,          Closed Mondays

DATES : - 14th February to 6th March, 2016 

Press Release: For Immediate release | Summer 2016

                            Image: Simone Riley

PURE Autumn Art Fair

PowderMills Hotel, Battle TN33 0SP

22 Oct – 30 Oct 2016

Open Daily 11am – 6pm

We are delighted to confirm that the prestigious PURE Autumn Art Fair will return to the beautiful and historic PowderMills Hotel, Battle, East Sussex in October 2016 in conjunction with Battle Arts & Music Festival and as part of the Battle 1066 950th Anniversary celebrations.

The PowderMills is a stunning privately owned 18th Century listed Country House nestling in 150 acres of beautiful parklands, woods and large lakes, situated just outside the historic town of Battle, adjoining the famous Battlefield of 1066.

The PURE Autumn Art Fair is a selected art fair showcasing the brightest upcoming and more established talent. Curated by Lesley Samms, it will feature the work of some fifty artists working across all fine art media including painting, drawing, printmaking, digital art, photography, sculpture, ceramics and glass.

Exhibiting artists:

Celia Allen  | Lesley Ann Barker | Sue Barnes | Mary Beaney

Jeremy Bear | Melanie Berman | Karen Birchwood | Jane Bridger

Hermione Carline| Louisa Crispin ASGFA | Antonella Cusimano | Julia Desch 

Jacqueline Devereux PSGFA | James Eddy  | Melvyn Evans SGFA  

Christina Fedyk | Felicity Flutter ASGFA| Christina France | Vikky Furse SWA

Leila Godden AU | Brenda Hartill RE | Jonathan Hateley  

Heather Haythornthwaite | Nick Hebditch | Richard Heys 

Jacqueline Hurwood  | Rachel Johnson  | Janine Kilroe | Rebecca Laister 

Donna Leighton (Art Academy Prize Winner) | Kaidy Lewis  

Vincent Matthews SGFA | Rod McIntosh | Edith Pargh Barton | Hildegard Pax

Kate Penoyre | Chris Pope & Helen Lawn (Pope & Lawn) | Dizzy Pragnell 

Ali Rabjohns  | Debbie Ravetz | Clive Riggs | Simone Riley | Peter Robson 

Carole Robson | Shelley Rose | Gavin Roweth | Alison Saldana 

Iaysha Salih | Tanya Russell (Art Academy) | Simon Spare | David Stanley 

Mark Stonestreet  | Julian Sutherland-Beatson | Les Williams VPSGFA

For this Battle 1066 950th Anniversary Edition PURE will be placing a key focus on the “historic and the made by hand” with a range of talks, events and special exhibits.

"Art without awareness of Nature is a rather impossible task (...). That’s why in all my actions I try to raise awareness of man's creative possibilities, the only ones that can give him freedom. I try to connect him on the bottom towards the earth, nature and the beasts, which have an important place in my actions, and upwards, with the spirits. "

Joseph Beuys

Ali Rabjohns will be exhibiting her  ‘Between The Worlds’ Nuno Felted Coat, which was made using silk georgette as a base, with Merino, Wensleydale and mixed Angelina fibres carded together and nuno felted to give textural effects. Fellow artist Sandra Ventris also helped with the construction design and tailoring of the coat.

Felt making is the most ancient form of textiles, predating weaving. Felted pieces in Europe have been discovered originating from the Bronze Age in 5AD. The most wonderful thing about felting is that the craft can meet you at whatever artistic level you are. Whether a beginner, or a crafts person, or a textiles artist - the development of different felting techniques ranging from Nuno felting to three-dimensional techniques has something to offer everybody.

                            Photograph by Ruthie Martin - model Holly Rabjohns.

For full details of talks, events and workshops please see the printed Battle festival guide and website.

*Quote from:
G. Dorfles, Ultime tendenze nell’arte d’oggi, Feltrinelli, Milano 1999, pp. 210 – 211.

Press Contact:

Mary Beaney